Getting Started

Installing G8 Gate

For non-Steam installations, simply run the provided installer. On Windows, you will need to select your VST directory if the installer doesn’t pick the right one by default.

For Steam installations, download G8 Gate through your Steam Library page, under “My Software”. After G8 is downloaded, run it once through Steam to install pre-requisites and to open the Unfiltered Audio Plug-in Manager. Once the manager is opened, click “Install” to install G8.

Syncing Presets With Steam Cloud

On Steam, G8 Gate provides the ability to store your presets on Steam Cloud. This allows you to access your presets on every computer that you install G8 on.

To set it up, run the Unfiltered Audio Plug-in Manager through Steam by selecting “Run” on your G8 Library Page. From there, click “Enable Steam Cloud”. This will create a folder called “SteamCloud” in your user presets directory. All presets saved to this directory will be automatically backed up to the Steam Cloud every time you run the Plug-in Manager.

Browsing Presets

G8 comes with a wide array of presets to get you started. The preset manager on the top-right of G8 is used to load, save, or browse presets. If you want to get a good feel for the power of G8, spend some time with these presets before browsing the manual.